Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Congratulations to OG Grantee Earl John Ryan M. Hernandez

Success comes to those who labor and wait. But in the case of EJ Hernandez it is more of labor and persistence...

Mr. Earl John Ryan M. Hernandez could not hide his elation and a sense of fulfillment when he knew about his Opportunity Grant application approval. He was so determined that he was willing to do everything to be able to study in the U.S. and fulfill the dream that he is longing for.

After having been admitted to BYU Hawaii, he never stopped looking for ways and means to be able to see himself through what he believed to be part of his destiny. After my first advising session with him where I informed him about the OG application process as well as the required supporting documents, EJ did not waste time to prepare everything and was even setting the pace as to when he can have another advising session with me. The next time we met, he had all the forms and documents laid down. I went over his application form and pointed out to him some portions that needed to be corrected and/or enhanced (i.e. lacking data/information, essay). After endorsing and sending his OG application to PAEF, EJ was not contented in just "waiting". He would often text and call me to follow up on his application. Visiting the advising center became part of his almost daily regimen. His determination is really remarkable. He was really so "into it" to the point of being overly aggressive. But it was this aggressiveness coupled with a very positive disposition that made EJ accomplished what he has accomplished now. And it will be this same attitude and outlook in life that will lead him to more success in his studies and in his personal life.

In behalf of the AdDU-EducationUSA Satellite Advising Center, I wish to congratulate EJ and may he continue to persevere in his studies and make his mother proud.